August 17, 2018 2 Comments

There’s still some sowing left to be done before all the growth goes out of the year so this week I have been busy in the potting shed, and direct sowing in the small polytunnel.  It’s great to back sowing seeds again.  Getting a good crop of green leaves under way is particularly important in August to ensure a good supply right in to the winter months.  I always ensure I get a sowing of oriental greens, claytonia (Miner’s lettuce – so called because it was valued by miner’s in south America for its vitamin C content) and chervil.


  • Another tray of beetroot which I will plant out in to the polytunnel in the hope of getting a small crop before the end of October or in early spring
  • A full module tray of lettuce for transplanting in to the tunnel
  • Small module trays of claytonia, coriander, chervil and basil
  • Direct sowing in the polytunnel of oriental greens (mustard red frills and mizuna)
  • Direct sowing of chard, annual spinach and kale – all for use in salads


If you are lucky enough to have a polytunnel or greenhouse you could also try sowing French beans, baby turnips, perpetual spinach, spring cabbage.

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Linda Holman
Linda Holman

August 20, 2018

I still have potatoes in the ground, would they be ok to leave until required, should l cut the helms of ?

Sean Kerwick
Sean Kerwick

August 20, 2018

The GIY News is very interesting and although I’m a keen veg. gardener for over 45 years I still pick up lots of tips from the newsletter. Keep up the good work and well done to all concerned.

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