Making Food for Babies & Toddlers with JB (March)

Thursday March 14th 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Good food and good health go hand in hand.

Starting your baby on food is just the beginning of a longlasting relationship with food. Organic, homemade baby food prepares young children’s pallets for better food choices later on, creates good eating habits and a healthy relationship with food from an early age, alleviates the effort required to change a child’s diet later in life and helps prevent disease and illness. 

Making your own food for your baby or toddler is much easier than you think. Not only does feeding your child homemade food ensure that you know exactly what you are feeding your baby, but it can also be more economical! Our Homemade Baby Food class will teach you how to steam, roast, boil, and puree different foods to create delicious, flavourful, nutritious food for you child. 

The class will include discussions, demonstrations, taste tests, and recipes.

For more information contact us on (0)51 584422