50 Things to do Before You're 11 3/4 by Jane Eastor in conjunction with the British National Trust

50 Things...' encourages kids and families to get outside and enjoy nature. There's everything children need for an exciting adventure with a practical, fun lists of activities - everything from flying a kite and cooking on a campfire to building a den and hunting for fossils. With help from kids all over the country, we've put together another great list of challenges, taking kids into the woods and onto the water, up big hills and down to the beach. With this handy notebook kids can try out 50 fun outdoor activities, write things down, stick things in and learn about the natural world. Alongside every chapter there is a checklist and dateline to help record your progress, top tips to help kids develop their nature skills and each activity has a mini objective to help engage kids in the great outdoors. If ever you're stuck for ideas, there is also a '10 Best Things to Do' as voted by children across the country. So whether you are a discoverer, an adventurer, a ranger, a tracker or an explorer, there's something for everyone to pit your skills against!