Slow at Work by Aoife McElwain

The way we work has changed. We need new tools to help navigate this world of work - not only to achieve career success, but to stay sane while doing so - and this book can be one of them. Our jobs can become such an important part of our identity that we walk the treacherous line between loving our work and speeding towards burnout. An always-on culture, the cult of busyness and blurred boundaries mean that work and life can become seriously out of balance. So if you are burnt out, anxious, feel like an imposter or caught in a cycle of procrastination, this life-changing book contains all the advice you need to restore your balance and get back on track.

Aoife McElwain is a food writer and creative events planner. She writes about food forThe Irish Times andTotally Dublin. She is one half of the video and recipe and works as a food stylist across print, digital and TV. She is the Programme Curator and Community Manager of Turkfest,
a community-led arts and music festival on a small island called Inishturk, home to just 58 people, off the west coast of Ireland. She is host of the Sing Along Social, a zero-commitment choir that brings friends and strangers together to sing along to their favourite tunes. She is the founder and curator of the slow:series, a talk series delving into different aspects of the slow movement.