Naturama Open your eyes to the wonders of Irish Nature by Michael Fewer

Discover the magic of nature right on your doorstep, from the back garden to the local park and the countryside. This breathtakingly exciting book introduces you to Ireland’s flora and fauna with every changing season. Even the smallest garden is a vast canvas of nature with its worms, insects, flowers and birds. Listen to the blackbird’s song, find an madra rua in your local town, discover why the ash tree is good for making hurleys, count a snail’s 27,000 teeth, watch stags fight and spot jellyfish at the seaside, laughing as you discover the meaning of their Irish name, smugairle róin!

With stunning and detailed art by Melissa Doran Naturama will entrance any child or adult world with an interest in nature. So put your boots on, it’s time to go outside!