The Brother Hubbard Cookbook by Garrett Fitzgerald

(Not that Garrett Fitzgerald) This book is about bringing a simple, exciting, creative influence to your kitchen – and discovering the happiness that comes with it. Leaning towards aspects of Middle Eastern and Southern Mediterranean food, The Brother Hubbard Cookbook captures those influences without feeling pigeon-holed or categorised – its emphasis is on flavour, colour, texture and creativity and on creating pure and nutritious food, often deceptively vegetarian and certainly wholesome.

Inside you will find favourite foods from the much-loved Brother Hubbard restaurant, the food they are asked about time and again, the recipes they are begged for:

Introduction (our story, our approach, our recipes)
The beginning of the day (breakfast)
The middle of the day (brunch, lunch and supper)
The late of the day (mains and sides)
Any time of the day (treats and drinks)
Supporting recipes
How to
Ingredients we use
Having started off as a home cook with a dream, Garret Fitzgerald has written this book to encourage everyone to make and enjoy healthy, wholesome food. Written in a style that will inspire even the most reluctant cook to have fun and to create a dish of which they can be proud, this is food that demands to be shared, that will make you feel better – in both its preparation and its enjoyment.

The book also tells the Brother Hubbard story, and their wonderful journey towards realising their own dream: adventures and happiness through cooking!