GROWBox Subscription

We have been hard at work here at GIY to create a product that will allow you to GROW your own food all year round - easily and affordably. With the GROWBox seasonal subscription, you will receive each box just in time for sowing. Get ready to have fresh, homegrown food all year round!

What do you get?

4x Medium GROWBoxes delivered throughout the year.

If this is a gift and you want it to be delivered to your own address instead of the recipient of the subscription box please leave a note in the order notes saying that you want it sent to the billing address (you can leave the shipping address as the person who you are gifting the subscription to and they will get their GROWBoxes to their address from Feb 2021).

Each GROWBox includes: 

  • 4x packs seeds 
  • 4x coir pots
  • 4x compost discs
  • GIY's growing guide 
  • Plant labels
  • A GROWBox notepad and pen
  • Free delivery

When will you receive your boxes?

  • Early Spring (dispatch 1st week of Feb): Tomatoes, Chillis, Beetroot & Lettuce 
  • Late Spring (dispatch 1st week of April): Squash, Courgette, Peas & Carrots
  • Summer (dispatch 1st week of June): Chard, Kale, French Beans & Basil 
  • Autumn (dispatch 1st week of Aug): Rocket, Oriental Greens, Radish & Spinach