How Food Grows Seed Pack (12 varieties following the free GIY webseries)

Grow 12 veg in 12 weeks with these seeds and our free online course: How Food Grows.

What’s included?

  • x12 variants of seeds that are perfect for beginner growers and can all be harvested within 12 weeks
  • Basil (Sweet Genovese)
  • Beetroot (Detroit Globe)
  • Carrots (Early Nantes)
  • Chard (Rainbow)
  • French Beans (Purple Teepee)
  • Kale (Nero)
  • Lettuce (Baby Gem)
  • Peas (Greenshaft)
  • Radish (Cherry Belle)
  • Rocket (Victoria)
  • Salad Leaves (Oriental Greens)
  • Spinach (Perpetual)
  • A GIY Growing Guide to help get you started
  • Visit to sign up for the free accompanying online course