Green Manure 'Buckwheat'

A quick growing green manure ideal for covering the soil in Summer/Autumn. Attractive to beneficial insects in addition to its green manuring value.

A packet covers 20 square metres.

Why sow green manures?

As we know vegetable growing takes a lot out of the soil because we remove the a portion of the soils nutrients every time we harvest a crop. Green manures are just crops we grow to dig back into the soil and provide nutrition for the follow on crop. Different plants provide different nutrients but in the main we use nitrogen fixing plants as green manures as they capture nitrogen from the air and release it back into the soil when you dig them in.

Green manures are also grown as a cover crop for the winter months to protect bare soil. Nitrogen and other soluble nutrients can be washed out of uncovered soil in wet winter weather and can leave your garden soil lacking in the spring. The green manure crop will protect the soil and store valuable nutrients in their roots, stems and leaves. Green manures also suppress weeds meaning you will have less trouble clearing your plot in the spring.