Grow Your own herbs (Small GROWBox)

This GROWBox is a selection of our favourite and easiest to grow herbs. Herbs are a fantastic way to start your GIY journey, because even if you don’t manage to grow all your own food, adding some fresh herbs makes every meal taste homegrown. Also shop bought herbs are generally expensive and often end up rotting down the back of the fridge, from where they will judge you silently every time you open the door. Because they do well in pots, and indoors, herbs are ideal for the Urban GIYer about town.

What is in the GROWBox?

This box is full of possibility - imagine yourself tucking into a meal with your own fresh home-grown fresh herbs making it taste amazing. But before you get there, you have got to grow it. This box contains: 

  • Seed Packs x 3
    • Basil
    • Coriander 
    • Dill
  • 1 pencil & notepad - always a good plan to jot down your sowing dates, progress & good intentions
  • GIY guide

When to plant?

Basil - March to July

Coriander - Year round inside

Dill - Year round inside