Carrot Touchon

Carrot Touchon

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The 'Touchon' carrot belongs to only a few varieties of this popular vegetable that grows both at home and in containers on the balcony. The exceptionally productive, medium early carrot develops sweet and juicy, cylindrical bluntly ending roots. They are even in size, smooth, firm and crunchy, hence will definitely appeal to many vegetable lovers. Carrots bring, apart from the excellent flavour and colour, valuable vitamins and minerals. The orange roots contain plenty of beta-carotene, a compound that is essential for the sense of sight. The regular consumption of carrot rejuvenates the skin and improves body resistance. Carrot grown from your own sow is recommended for direct consumption after the harvest as a healthy snack and a side dish to dinner.

The 'Touchon' carrot prefers sunny sites and light, sandy-loam, humous, sufficiently moist soils. It will thrive all over Central Europe. Sow in March and April and thin out the seedlings from mid March to mid April. The characteristics of this particular variety enables you to grow it in containers. Prepare deep boxes and planters for that purpose. Standard garden soil with the appropriate drainage layer proves to be optimal for carrot container cultures. Place the boxes and planters on a warm and bright site and water the plants regularly. The harvest takes place from July to October.

One package contains 3 grams of seeds. You will find the basic plant facts, the growing instructions and the sow-by date at the back of the package.


  • Use: eating and processing right after the harvest
  • Harvest time: July - October
  • Site: field - sunny with light, sandy-loam, humous, sufficiently moist soil; containers - warm and bright, garden soil
  • Weight (in grams): 3 g

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