Chicory Brussels Witloof

Chicory Brussels Witloof

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Famous for the forced, blanched heads or ‘chicons’ that are loved by gourmets Chicory 'Brussels Witloof' is the traditional finely-textured variety used for forcing. It produces tightly packed high-quality leaves and is one of the finest tasting winter vegetables.
Witloof (meaning 'white leaf' in Flemish) has a delicious, tangy, unique flavour, very easy to grow, it needs to be blanched to obtain the characteristic pale yellow, but can be cut young for use without blanching.

Raw, cooked, baked, roasted, caramelised, stewed, sweet or savory, there are endless ways to enjoy Witloof chicory. It is served in most of central Europe as a hot dish, but also used occasionally in a salad. Use it raw for dipping, filling or chopped in salads. It can also be cooked, baked, roasted, caramelized, stewed, sweet or savory.

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