Grey Synthetic Shaving Brush - Dublin Shaving Co
Dublin Shaving Co

Grey Synthetic Shaving Brush - Dublin Shaving Co

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A very special shaving brush from the Dublin Shaving Company. Made using the finest synthetic bristles.. The heavy resin handle fits perfectly into the hand to ensure you get a great grip of your brush.

A shaving brush is an essential part of a good shave, lifting the hair from the skin to help get a smoother shave, it also makes lathering a joy and will help you on your way to a fantastic shave.

It’s also very aesthetically pleasing and will sharpen up your bathroom in no time.

  • 22*65mm knot size
  • Highest Quality Synthetic Bristles
  • Heavy Duty Engraved Resin Handle
  • Helps create a dense lather
  • Animal Friendly

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