skosh Recycled Plastic Spray Bottle + Cleaning Tablet
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skosh Recycled Plastic Spray Bottle + Cleaning Tablet

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This Skosh Glass and Mirror eco cleaning spray bottle is a semi-opaque blue and comes with a dissolvable non-toxic cleaning tablet. A fantastic eco household cleaner which is refillable and made from recycled plastic. Switch up your cleaning routine to these effective, easy-to-use, zero-waste eco cleaners!

An innovative and waste-reducing alternative to single-use plastics, these eco spray bottles hold 500ml, and are all made from Post Consumer Resin (PCR) recycled plastic, which is robust and strong, perfect to reuse over and over again. Most household surface cleaners contain 95% water, and that is all that's needed in Skosh's spray bottle to activate the non-toxic mirror and glass cleaner tablet. The lowered pH level makes this a perfect glass and mirror cleaner, tough on stubborn marks, and perfect for getting that shine on glass, windows and mirrors.

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