Smile, you're a GIYer

What is GROWBox?

GROWBox is everything you need to start growing, in a box.  

We've got a GROWBox for everyone - whether you've got a really small urban space, or a huge back garden; if you're an experienced grower or you're just getting started; if you want to grow herbs, or salads, or perhaps you're more interested in bees & biodiversity; or if you want a fun activity to do with the kids - we've got the GROWBox for you.

Happy Growers

Alison Canavan, Author & Wellness Coach - For me home-grown food is about getting access to the most nutritious food on my doorstep, but as a working Mom, finding the time is a challenge. GROWBox keeps it simple – no faffing about, it has everything I need to do this quickly and well.

Karen O'Donohoe, Presenter GROW COOK EAT - I've just started growing food in the last few years so I'm all about keeping it manageable for myself. I think GROWBox is genius. It keeps it all straightforward and my two children loved the Kid's GROWBox.

Ross Golden Bannon - Food Writer & Urban Grower - For an urban grower like me, it’s about knowing what will work on my apartment balcony. The GROWBox is ideal for my small-space staples leaving me time and space to experiment with other plants, safe in the knowledge that there's no guesswork in the GROWBox.