Book of Tea and Company A collection of recipes from The Irish Country Women’s Association Edited by Aoife Carrigy

Teatime has long been a source of comfort to punctuate the day. It picks you up when things are down and warms you when a neighbour visits. It accompanies many a shared moment with family and consoles in times of reflection. Now in their fantastic new book, the women of the ICA give you their favourite old-fashioned recipes-all to be enjoyed at teatime. With over 100 inspirational ideas for homemade scones, cakes, biscuits and bread, you will find something to suit any mood. It is said that 'where there is tea there is hope' and in addition to the fantastic recipes you will find a selection of the ICA's favourite words of wisdom: lines they love from poetry, prayer, quotes and sayings. Some are uplifting and motivational, others sentimental and nostalgic - all make you pause for a moment and think. A kind word and a cuppa - it's like a hug in a book.