Chillington Baby Hoe


Product Description

Baby Hoe From Chillington, comes with handle included.

This garden tool is a light enough for anyone to use yet strong and sturdy enough for any job requiring a garden hoe. The hoe head is tall and only 10 cm/4" wide and thin but also strong and is in fact a blade which can easily be sharpened with a simple flat file.

The Baby Hoe is very light and easy to hangle but it's strong hoe head or blade will slice through any surface weeds and also slice straght through their root system below the soils surface. It is actually a great weeding tool which is far superior to the standard push and draw hoes you see avaliable. It is manufactured by Chillington who are world renowned as manufacturers and suppliers of quality gardening or agricultural tools.

Garden expert and organic growing Guru - Klaus Laitenberger, recomends the great gardening tool to his customers for general weeding and light trenching around vegetable gardens, and you can't get better advice than that.