Chillington Heavy Duty Hoe


Product Description

Chillington Heavy Duty Hoe comes with handle included.
The Heavy Duty Hoe or Digging Hoe is, as in it's name, the garden tool for digging what could be described as virgin ground or hard ground. This superbly robust tool is the main stay of some agricultural workers and market gardeners just as a garden spade is to the DIY gardener. In fact this Heavy Duty Chillington Hoe basically replaces the garden spade for digging your soil, as it is far superior and faster for digging ground over. The Head measures 215 mm x 165 mm and is about as heavy as you could use comfortably.

So you gardeners and vegetable growers if you haven't already got these tools, try one out, because when you do, you will never go back to using the old garden spades again. The Hoe Head is 18 cm or 7 inches wide so a very Heavy strong tool with the head weighing 1.1 kg.

The handle is the secret for using these digging hoes because it acts as a lever to break and lift the compacted soil loose from the ground. You can actually lift the end of the handle with one finger. It has been specially designed to provide more hoeing power with less effort on your part.

For ground clearance of overgrown ground there is nothing better as a manual hand tool. The hoe head can chop straight through tree roots and simply smashes woody growth, clearing the densest of weedy ground. Briars and small woody growth is no problem, and you are able to clear the root system at the same time.