Dough it Yourself and Lunch with Bill King


Product Description

12:00-14:00 Monday, 22nd May 2017. Bill King fell in love with baking at Ballymaloe Cookery School and, on his return to Wales, set up as a Microbaker in his home town of Cwmbran. For Bill bread has to be a simple product of Flour, Water, Yeast and Salt not the Industrial pap that relies on enhancers, improvers, additives and preservatives that allows a loaf to be processed in a very short time. Debunking the myths of baking lies at the heart of his philosophy of baking and the Dough It Yourself sessions get many new bakers going. Participants will make their own dough and take it home to bake in their own ovens. They will also enjoy a delicious lunch served in our cafŽ.