Bionet Insect Protector


Product Description

The fine mesh allows air and water to freely circulate prompting healthy plant growth. Also acts as a barrier to most garden pests making it ideal for covering brasicas, carrots and other crops. 

4.5m x 2.1m

Fine mesh net to protect vegetable and soft fruit

Pest excluded include cabbage root fly, carrot root fly,cabbage whitefly and most species of aphids
Protects plants form birds rabbits and domestic pets
Protects against weather damage -wind, rain and hail
Promotes early growth and reduces water loss

Allow: 50cm - 60cm (20-24') - of spare netting on either side for the growth of the crop - e.g. a bed of 1.4m (4'6') width requires min 2.6m wide netting.

Made in Europe