GIY Living GROWBox
GIY Living GROWBox
GIY Living GROWBox

GIY Living GROWBox

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At GIY we believe in the power of many small changes to protect the only earth we have. That’s why we have teamed up with some amazing sustainable Irish brands to create the perfect box to help you step more gently on our planet. The Sustainability GROWBox is bursting with eco-friendly joy to treat yourself with or give to a loved one.

What is in the box?

Reusable Coffee Cup

Made by Monkey Cups, these barista standard coffee cups are made in Waterford, Ireland. Their mission is to help turn the tide on single-use disposable cups by developing a range of colourful and stylish reusable alternatives. Inspired by the 100th Monkey Phenomenon of Social Change - the idea that once a certain number of a group start using a new habit, it will be taken up instinctively by all.

Stainless Steel Bottle

This bottle is the go-to for drinking it’ll keep your daily beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. It is lightweight, double-walled, BPA, and plastic-free. From coffee or tea in winter to fresh cool water for the beach, this bottle will be your own for years to come. BPA free and with a beautiful bamboo wood finish. Keeps warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Capacity: 500 ml

Beeswax Wraps

Long-lasting, reusable alternative to cling film and tinfoil. Handcrafted in Waterford by HumbleBee

Bamboo Toothbrush

It is estimated that 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are used worldwide every year. The average person uses 300 in their lifetime. Each toothbrush takes up to a thousand years to decompose and by 2050 it’s predicted that there will be a higher volume of plastic in the oceans than fish. The handle of this Jo Browne toothbrush is Moso bamboo and bristles are made from nylon 6 which is free from BPA. Jo Browne is an Irish sustainable brand that uses only the highest quality materials. Handcrafted in Carlow.

Shampoo & Soap Bars

Perfect when on the go, Airmid travel packs are in 100% recycled pulp boxes. Pack includes; 1 X SHAMPOO: Rosemary & Wild Irish Nettle Shampoo Bar: 1X SOAP: Atlantic Irish Seaweed Soap Suitable for all skin types including sensitive. Airmid is a Natural Irish Handmade Skincare brand, whose design is inspired by the rare and mystical landscape of The Burren in Clare.

Bee Bombs

Native Irish wildflower seedballs, designed to #bringthebeesback.

GIY Seed Packets x 4

What is more sustainable than growing your own food? These specially selected seeds have been chosen by GIY for their reliability, taste and suitability for growing in Ireland. Get ready to tuck into; Peas (Greenshaft), Spinach, Beetroot (Detroit Globe), and Basil.

Coir pots

A sustainable material from coconuts, coco coir uses parts of the fruit that used to go to waste. 

Compost discs

These are a fantastic way to provide your young seedlings with the best possible start in life. With the added bonus of being organic and of course peat-free! Just add 100ml of warm water, give it a stir and use as normal compost.

GIY Tote Bag

Our GIY tote bag is the perfect reusable bag to have with you all of the time. The age of plastic is slowly disappearing and we couldn’t be more delighted. Branded with GIY, this tote bag is the perfect shopping accessory.

Grow Cook Eat Book

A GIY Guide to growing and cooking your own food throughout the year, you will soon be on your way to becoming a fully-fledged GIYer! Written by GIY founder & CEO Michael Kelly.

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