GROW the TV Show GROWBox
GROWBox grow the tv show
GROW the TV Show GROWBox
GROW the TV Show GROWBox

GROW the TV Show GROWBox

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  • Grow the veg from the first season of the GIY TV series GROW COOK EAT

    This large sized GROWBox celebrates the first series of the RTE TV show GROW COOK EAT and may we say this: it's absolutely crammed with possibility and designed to make growing easy, and get you growing right out of the box.  No trips to the garden centre needed - you can get sowing within minutes of receiving your GROWBox because we've provided you with the seeds, pots and compost you need.  Imagine yourself tucking in the homegrown veg varieties featured in the show: vibrant red tomatoes, nutritious beetroot, crunchy carrots, sweet garden peas and delicious oriental salad leaves. 

    This GROWBox contains:

    • GIY Seed Packs
      • Beetroot (Detroit Globe)
      • Oriental greens (Mix)
      • Tomato (Sungold)
      • Carrot (Autumn King)
      • Peas (Greenshaft)
    • The Gourmand award-winning book to accompany the TV Series GROW COOK EAT (A GIY guide to growing and cooking your own food), written by Michael Kelly, valued at €20
    • A Grow your own Guide (detailed instructions on how to grow these 5 veg)
    • Pots/Trays of different shapes and sizes (made from sustainable rice husk and coir) for sowing your seeds in to:
      • Rice Husk pots: 4 x 9cm and 3 x 1L pots
      • Coir pots: 5 x 8cm
      • 2 Coir seed trays
    • Compost Discs x 6 – bulk out when you add water to fill the pots with compost
    • 250g Bag Seaweed Dust - magic Irish seaweed dust that feeds soil and plants to make growing easy
    • 1 Pencil and notepad – always a good plan to jot down your sowing dates, progress and good intentions.
    • Plant Labels – no, you won’t remember what’s in each pot!  Always label them.
  • Where to grow them:

    • Where you grow them depends on your set up. You might have a 2 acre field, or a tiny apartment, a suburban back garden, allotment or maybe you’re part of a community garden. The good news is that you can grow food in any of them..
    • Most veg (with the exception of the carrots which have to be sown direct in a container or in the soil outside) benefit from being started off in a smaller pot or tray and then transplanted when they get a little bigger. We recommend sowing the seeds on a windowsill inside your house or apartment to start. Put them somewhere sunny. They will look amazing.
    • When the seedlings get a little bigger, we will be moving them in to bigger pots to grow them either inside or outside on your balcony, terrace, patio or veg patch.

    Remember, most veg do better in warm, sunny locations – just like humans really..

  • At a Glance

    Don't forget the little growing guide in the box is crammed with information on growing the veg and the Get Growing section of our website has loads more information, videos and recipes.



    Seeds Per Pack

    When to Sow


    Harvest in


    Detroit Globe


    February to July

    10-14 days

    12 weeks

    Mixed Oriental Leaves

    Green Mix


    All year around

    2-3 days

    3-4 weeks




    January to April

    8-10 days

    20 weeks


    Autumn King


    March to July

    2-3 weeks

    8-11 weeks




    March to early June

    10 days approx.

    15 weeks

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