GROW At Work Programme

GIY's GROW at Work 'al desko' growing programme is designed to reconnect your employees to their food by getting them growing some food on their desk in a fun and accessible 4-week workplace growing programme.  Supported by GIY, we will get your team from seed sowing to delicious homegrown food in just 4 weeks.

The GROW at Work kit is designed for 50 participants and will be delivered to your workplace.  Each participant gets everything they need to grow their own food on their desk at work including:

  • Seeds
  • Compost Discs
  • Compostable Cups to grow in
  • Growing Guides (All the GIY know-how)
  • 4 Different Workplace Challenges (designed to get your team motivated, energised and engaged in the programme).

Each week we will send your employees additional resources and motivation by email and all GROW@Workers are encouraged to share their journey with other participating companies on social media.  We're also on hand if you have any questions during the programme.

To get involved, simply order our GROW at Work kit, organise your employees into teams, communicate the weekly challenges which we provide you with, and watch it GROW from there.  

If you have questions about the GROW at Work programme contact Karen O'Donohoe on 051 584411 or email or have click on GROW At Work