Introduction to Social & Therapeutic Horticulture Practice, March 23rd (GROW HQ Waterford)

Saturday March 23rd 10am - 4pm Hosted at GROW HQ Waterford

This course provides an introduction to Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) Practice. The role of the practitioner will be considered, along with approaches and processes central to STH practice within different settings. You will explore how the garden can be a source of activity and occupation appropriate to individual development and recovery. The day will enable you to begin to explore how to harness and maximise the potential therapeutic benefits of gardens and gardening.

Suitable for:

Beginners, career changers and volunteers 

What you will learn:

  • An understanding of the generalised benefits of gardening as evidenced by research,
  • Discover the key theories supporting gardens as therapeutic settings,
  • Examples of practice within an STH setting which aim to engage, enable and empower,
  • An insight into the role of an STH practitioner.


    Included in fee:

    • All course materials
    • Course hand-outs
    • A light lunch and refreshment

    Call us with any questions on 051 584422.

    Feedback on previous courses; 

    “This course was a fantastic experience”

     “ I really enjoyed this course in terms of raising my awareness in how to better help those with mental health issues, and also other learning and physical needs”

     “I found all of this course useful-very thought provoking”

     “Loved every moment of this course, and the people involved”

     “This course has given me a new direction of thought with regards to working with individuals and groups of people”

     “ This course directed and structured the work that I plan to do in social and therapeutic horticulture”

    If you are a non voluntary/ statutory organisation please contact us for booking.