The Late Summer Plot with Kitty Scully


Product Description

10:00-15:00 Sunday, 27th August 2017. Kitty Scully is one of Ireland's best known food growers and enthusiasts. Growing up on a mixed organic farm in the midlands, she picked up her love of eating and growing organic at a young age. She nurtured this love through travelling the world working on organic farms and studying. An MSc in Organic Horticulture is her highest paper accolade but her practical achievements go far beyond. She has managed a market garden for nuns, presented on gardening TV shows, written for national papers and writes for an organic farming magazine. Kitty is a natural communicator who regularly, gives talks, lectures and teaches workshops on food growing. She most recently spearheaded the development of the beautifully pretty and productive Food Gardens at Airfield Estate in Dublin. Kitty's energy and enthusiasm for growing, gardening, cooking and talking about all things edible is endless and effortless. Join Kitty to pick up lots of practical tips on extending your growing season throughout the winter and improving your soil. The morning session will focus on herbs, veg and salad, drawing particular attention to plants good for autumn sowing with green manures and autumn ground preparation being the focus of the afternoon. Includes a delicious HQ lunch.