Organic Garlic Bulb - "Messidor"
Fruithill farm

Organic Garlic Bulb - "Messidor"

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Garlic is relatively easy to grow (although it can be hard to grow well) and stores extremely well.  It’s also incredibly good for you.  The garlic requirements of an average family can be easily satisfied by even the smallest of vegetable patches.  If you were to take any bulb of garlic, break out the cloves and stick them into the ground spaced about 4 inches apart, each clove would eventually turn in to a bulb of garlic.  That’s the magic of it. 

Harvest when at least half to two-thirds of leaves on each plant are yellow.  Autumn sown garlic will be ready in early summer.  Do not allow them to go too far as they lose flavour.  Lift carefully and dry on racks in sun (or indoors in wet weather) for two weeks.  Hang in plaits.

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