October Bundle

Welcome October! 

You can sow hardy varieties of peas and broad beans later this month for an early spring crop but only do so in well-drained soil. In the polytunnel get a crop of cauliflower and carrots going over the winter. Plant selected varieties of garlic and winter onion sets. The former will benefit from a good frost so it's traditional to plant before Christmas.

Try and find a good source of farmyard manure if you don't have your own – cow, horse, pig, sheep and chicken manure are all great sources of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If you are going to cover empty beds down with manure for the winter, the earlier you do it the better. October or early November is ideal.

What you get 

  • Garlic (dispatched on October 12th)
  • Peas (delicate)

  • Broad Bean (aquadulce claudia)

  • Cauliflower (flamenco)

  • Carrots (Napoli or colour mix)

  • GROW COOK EAT Book (optional)