Sponsor a Sod


Product Description

Buying a brick is SO last year!  Buy a Sod in the Lliving Roof instead.

GROW HQ is GIY's ground-breaking education centre, due. It is a place where people come to immerse themselves in the GIY lifestyle - learn how to grow and cook food, and most importantly a place where you can eat homegrown food.  GROW HQ is a grow school, cookery school, cafe, shop and training gardens.  See http://www.growhq.org for more detail.

There are 1,000 sods in the living green roof of GROW HQ (designed by Solearth) and we are looking for a sponsor for each one.  In return for your donation you will get:

  • A GROW HQ Living Sod Certificate
  • 10% Discount on GROW HQ courses and events for 2 years
  • Free Quarterly GROW HQ newsletter.
  • Copy of GROW, the GIY magazine.