Supernemos Nematodes Organic Insecticide



Product Description

This organic pest control product will control Vine Weevil, Wireworms, Strawberry Root Weevils,Carrot Fly, Weevils, Chafer Grubs, Caterpillars, Cutworms, Leatherjackets, Beetle larvae, Cabbage catterpillars, Flea beetle, Cabbage root fly, Fungus Gnats Larvae and many more!

SuperNemos - an Irish invention - is a biological control product containing microscopic beneficial nematodes (found in healthy soil). The invention is a special formulation - patent pending - of nematodes which aggressively pursue several or different groups of insect pest; thus ‘Super’ and ‘Nemos’ (nematodes).

SuperNemos is UNLIKE ANY OTHER bio-control (nematodes) product sold on the market, which contain only one single beneficial nematode species, and can only target one group of insects pests.SuperNemos targets a range of garden pests.
SuperNemos (Bio-Insecticide) is an environmentally friendly product that is harmless to wildlife, earthworms,bees, bumblebees, pets and children.
It attacks only target insect pests.
There is no need for masks or specialized safety equipment.

When applied in specific soil, SuperNemos will attack its target insect species; the nematodes enter the host through body openings or by penetration of the body wall.
Once inside they kill the host within 48 hours.

Choose Your Size:
We stock Super Nemos bio insecticide in 3 different pack sizes:
Small pack - Will cover an area of 12 square metres
Standard Pack - Will cover an area of 40 square metres
Large Pack - Will cover 100 square metres