Composter, Timber, Easy Access



Product Description

This is the full treble bay unit from our famous New Zealand Box system. The kit builds a composter measuring 270cm (9ft) by 90cm by 120cm (4ft) high. Also features our unique brackets enabling you to easily remove the front of the composter for easy emptying.

Our 3 bay New Zealand Box composter is the ultimate composting system. The design works by using the three separate bays to bring you garden and kitchen waste through three distinct stages of composting to produce a perfectly mixed, rich and dark end product. The system works by adding material to the first bay until full and partially broken down. The part finished compost is then transferred to the second bay which mixes it and adds air to the pile while you add any new material to the now vacant first bay. The composting process starts again in bay 2 and allows the heap to rot down further. Finally the material is added to the third bay where it will be extracted from once the material has broken down fully into what gardeners call 'black gold'. When working correctly the New Zealand Box composter always has 3 working bays with material at various stages of decomposition; it's not just a compost bin, it's a composting system!

The unit is made up of sturdy 3 inch square (7.5cm) corner posts with timbers permanently fixed to the back and sides of the unit. The centre posts also feature an internal groove which allows the dividing wall to be added and removed easily when moving material from one side to the other. Our composters also include our unique bracket system on the front of the box which allows the retaining boards to be removed for filling and emptying the bin; our system even allows you to remove the bottom row of boards without removing the top!

The corner fixing posts are designed to be buried in the ground but can also be easily modifies to suit placing on a hard surface. Please contact us if this is a requirement for your garden.

Our wooden composters are the most forgiving type of bin as the increased air circulation afforded by the slatted sides means you need not be as careful with your mix as you would with a closed plastic unit.

The Kit features as follows:

5 no. 180cm (6ft) by 17.5cm tall treated timber boards.
27 no. 90cm (3ft) by 17.5cm tall treated timber boards.
8 no. 7.5cm (3inch) square and 5ft high treated timber corner posts.
21 no. 85cm (2ft 9inch) by 15cm (6 inch) tall treated timber boards for removable front slats.
42 no. Heavy duty injection moulded fixing brackets.
90 no. 5.0 x 60 Self tapping wood screws.
84 no. 4.0 x 30 Self tapping wood screws.
1 no. 270cm (3ft) 3in x 2in Joining rail.