August 24, 2018

Radishes can be sown pretty much anywhere – often thrown in among other veg and even in partial shade.  Always sow directly in the soil – they don’t fare well when transplanted.  Sow a small number of seeds regularly (every two to three weeks) from April on. 


Sow thinly in a shallow drill 1cm deep and thin to 3cm apart as they grow. Water regularly in dry weather but don’t over-water as it will encourage too much leafy growth.  They will be ready to eat within 4-5 weeks which is one of the fastest of all vegetables.  Don’t let them get too big as they become overly peppery and tend towards tasting “woody” when too large. 


Fast growing radishes are often sown between rows of slower growing vegetables as they can be harvested without upsetting the other veg.  They are a brassica however, so ideally you should keep them in the brassica group in your rotation plan.  Tiny radish tops can be used as a salad leaf, and when slightly bigger, in soups.

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