The Basics – Sowing Courgettes

Courgettes are easy to grow and incredibly prolific, growing feakishly fast in the summer.  With each plant producing up to 40 courgettes in a season, two or three plants will be more than enough for most families. Your only problem in fact will be working out what to do with all those courgettes.  I’ve been known to roam the neighbourhood with bags of courgettes in high summer, looking for unsuspecting neighbours to foist them apon.  If all else fails I lob them in to people’s gardens like a paper boy…. Ah no, not really.

 Sow the seeds indoors in pots at a depth of 2cm from April on.  They will need temperatures of 20 degrees celsius to germinate so leave the pots on a sunny windowsill.  Harden off well and transplant in June.  Don’t be fooled by their size when you are first planting the seedlings out.  Courgettes grow to large, hungry and thirsty plants so leave 50-75cm between plants. Dig plenty of well rotted compost in to the soil before transplanting.

This year I am growing the varieties Atena Polka (yellow) and Ambassador (green)

You can buy courgette seeds on their own here, or an Ultimate Starter GROWBox with courgette seeds, AND Beetroot, Carrots, Tomatoes, Salad, Lettuce, Peas, Chili, Rocket, Squash PLUS Pots/Trays, 6 Compost discs, Plant labels, 250g seaweed dust and the GIY Grow Your Own Guide Here. 

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  • Robert Hill on

    I grew a small round yellow courgette last year which was "prolific " and " terrific ". can You suggest the variety ? I have lost the packet.

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