In Person Grow It Yourself Courses at the GROW HQ Food Growing Academy

Learn to grow your own vegetables in person workshop at grow hq in waterford

Join us here at GROW HQ in Waterford, the home of the GIY movement, where we teach people how to grow, cook and eat some of their own food.

Our comprehensive in-person workshops are designed to empower you with the vital skills, knowledge, and confidence to grow, cook and eat your own nutritious, organic food. No matter what stage of your growing journey you're at, GROW HQ has a grow it yourself course to suit you. 

GROW HQ's tailored grow your own veg courses are steeped in practical insights, offering a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, bringing you on a rewarding journey from soil to plate. Each module is rooted in our core philosophy of food sustainability and environmental stewardship, aiming to nurture a community of conscious growers who are as kind to the earth as they are passionate about their gardens. We call this 'food empathy'.

Join us at the GROW HQ Food Growing Academy, and sow the seeds for a greener, healthier, and more sustainable tomorrow. 

If you can't make our in-person courses, we have lots of online courses to suit all levels, which can be taken in your own time, at home and make a perfect gift.