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The Basics – Ways to “store” tomatoes



The easiest way is just to put them whole into the freezer. They can easily be skinned after freezing by immersing the frozen tomatoes in hot water for a minute or two, after which the skins will slide off when the fruit is squeezed. Then add to stews, etc. They can also be frozen after stewing to a purée, for use as a base for pasta sauces etc. Simmer for 5mins then sieve before cooling and freezing in a plastic container.


Tomatoes can be fully dried and stored in jars, or partly dried and stored in oil. Cut the tomatoes in half, lay on a drying rack in a low oven or in a drying box, and sprinkle a little salt on the upturned face of each half. The drying process can take up to a day depending on the size of the tomatoes - remove them when they feel firm and dry.

Store in Oil

Remove them while still a little squishy and pack into sterilised jars, covering with olive oil and sealing.

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Hans Wieland
Hans Wieland

July 19, 2018

My top tips for tomatoes:
1. Eat as much as you can fresh from the polytunnel.
2.Make tomato sauce with the big ones
3. Dehydrate the cherry-type ones
4. Make your own ketchup


July 19, 2018

I bottle mine in a boiling water bath. I’ve been doing home canning since I was 13 years old, brought my pressure and steam canners and jars and lids with me when I moved to Ireland. I have an abundant crop of tomatoes coming and can’t wait to preserve some sauce, salsa and tomato-basil soup.

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