Learn to grow your own veg with Mick Kelly

The GIY Year Intermediate Growers Course With Mick Kelly Starting 28th Feb

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Let Mick Kelly guide you through the growing year with this unique food growing course where you will grow together, from seed to harvest. 

The course is designed for anyone with as little as 5 square metres of growing space. Mick will be growing all 10 veg in two locations at GROW HQ, the home of our TV series Grow Cook Eat. Both of these locations are designed to replicate typical household growing spaces. The TV Garden consists of 3 raised beds and a small greenhouse, while Container Corner is an outdoor deck where everything will be grown in pots and other containers.

Over the year you'll be growing tomatoes, chilli peppers, squash, courgette, peas, carrots, beetroot, lettuce, rocket and Oriental greens. A mix of the fast-growing quick wins and slow-growing but most rewarding veg, this selection is chosen for diversity and deliciousness.

Grow, learn, and harvest all your veg with the help and support of Mick Kelly along the way! He'll be sharing all of his tips and tricks to get you growing.

What you get in the course

  • Ultimate Starter GROWBox: You will receive a GROWBox with the seeds, compost, biodegradable planting pots, seaweed feed and lots more that you need to get started on the course.
  • Ultimate Starter Online Course: You'll get access to our online course designed for new growers with big ambitions. The course content was filmed in my garden at home in Dunmore East, starts with sowing the seeds and progresses until we harvest together. The content is short – around 20 minutes on average.  
  • Monthly Virtual Group Coaching Sessions with Mick Kelly (de man from de telly): Online training is followed by a group coaching call on the last Wednesday of each month at 7pm with Mick where we share work to date and learnings and give feedback to ensure people make quick progress. 
  • Virtual Closed Group: This group offers a supportive community ethos where you can connect with fellow GIYers on the course, receive expert guidance from Mick Kelly during monthly coaching sessions, and stay accountable to your gardening goals. Share your progress, learn from others, and receive valuable feedback to ensure your gardening journey is a success. Mick Kelly will be an active part of this group, providing tips and tricks to help you thrive in your gardening endeavors. Don't miss this opportunity to grow your own delicious veggies while being part of a like-minded community!
  • Bonus Benefits
    • A free copy of our Gourmand Award-winning book GROW, COOK, EAT

Date: Starting Wednesday 28th February 2024

Monthly Coaching 7pm-8pm Online- Last Wednesday of each month

28th Feb

20th March

24th April

29th May

26th June

31st July

28th Aug

25th September

30th Oct

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