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The complete and easy home growing solution.

At GIY we are committed to showing you how easy growing can be. Now we’ve made it even easier with our new GROWBox VegTrug. (This one comes in a very, very big GROWBox)

This set will give GIYers everything they need to grow amazing veg from seed to harvest in one place. A compact raised bed on legs, complete with compost, we’ve taken all the stress out of getting set-up so you can concentrate on tending to your seedlings. Perfect for anyone with limited outdoor spacing, big beginner ambitions or bad backs.

What's Inside?

  • 1m wide VegTrug (see picture for sizing).
  • 3 bags of compost (enough to fill the VegTrug)
  • Grow Cook Eat - the Gourmand award-winning book that inspired the TV Series. A no-nonsense GIY guide to growing and cooking your own food, written by Michael Kelly, featuring recipes from world-renowned chefs, cooks and growers.

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