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Aubergine Seeds (Black Beauty)

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Aubergine Seeds Sowing instructions:

Sow seeds in pots on a warm, sunny windowsill from early spring and pot them on individually as they grow.


February to April


August to October

For anyone who owns a greenhouse or polytunnel, aubergines can be a great addition to your patch. But, it is by no means an easy veg to master. Then again, that is what makes growing aubergines so worthwhile. The satisfaction in successfully growing aubergines make them all the more delicious, so there’s no harm in trying to give them a grow.


  • Aubergine seeds need to be grown in good fertile soil – the soil should be kept moist, but not too wet and ventilation should be good.
  • For best results sow seeds in March – the seeds need a temperature of 20°C to germinate, so sow on a heated mat or a warm sunny windowsill.
  • Sow the seeds in small pots (around 7cm) or large modules.
  • They should be ready for transplanting after 4 or 5 weeks when they are around 12-15cm tall.


  • Plant the aubergines out into the polytunnel or greenhouse in late April or May.
  • Allow 50-60cm between plants (dwarf varieties can be planted 30cm apart).
  • You could also try planting them in growbags or containers (ideally over 30cm diameter).
  • Fruit-bearing branches may require a support stick.


  • Harvest by cutting off the fruits when they are a good size and shiny.
  • Fruit should be ready for harvest by late July or early August and cropping should continue until October.

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