Learn Seed saving with madeline mckeever at GROW HQ
Learn Seed saving with madeline mckeever

Seed Saving Workshop With Madeline McKeever - 27th July

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Madeline runs an organic 30-acre mixed farm in west Cork and is one of only two farms in the country producing vegetable seeds. She produces over 100 varieties of organically certified, open pollinated seed which is sold to Irish growers and gardeners around the country. Madeleines love of nature is reflected in the low impact, regenerative farming system she runs, and we're absolutely delighted to be hosting this seed saving workshop with Madeline at GROW HQ in July. 

By the end of this seed-saving workshop, you'll have the confidence to:

  1. Describe the process of plant reproduction. 
  2. Describe the difference between self-pollination and cross-pollination.
  3. Establish which vegetables cross with each other. 
  4. Describe in-breeding and out-breeding and the importance of having an appropriate population of plants for seed-saving
  5. Choose varieties suitable for seed saving.
  6. Plan a seed saving garden 
  7. Select biennial roots for replanting, and replant them.
  8. Determine when seeds are ready to harvest
  9. Dry seed plants in preparation for threshing
  10. Thresh by hand, and using simple tools.
  11. Clean seeds using screens and by winnowing
  12. Extract seeds from wet fruit such as tomatoes and cucumbers
  13. Describe common seed borne diseases
  14. Describe the importance of labeling and record keeping
  15. Carry out germination tests.
  16. Dry and store seeds

You'll also enjoy a delicious plot-to-plate mezze lunch overlooking the HQ Gardens (or in the garden if weather permits) and get the chance to meet and learn from fellow seed-savers. There will be coffee, tea and scones on arrival and a seasonal cordial for an afternoon pick-me-up.

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