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For 10 years GIY has been working to empower, encourage and inspire people to grow some food. In that time we’ve come up with loads of ways to get people growing, whether it’s at home, at school, at work or in the community. From al desko campaigns, to school competitions to community funding, we want to see everyone fit a little bit of growing into their lives, somewhere.

GROW COOK EAT is our big idea to really make growing at home as easy and as desirable as possible. You’ve been watching Karen and Michael growing all kinds of veg in our little stunt garden in GROW HQ in Waterford. They make it look so easy right? That’s because it IS easy. And we have one more trick up our sleeves to make food growing at home within reach of everyone; GIY GROWBox. This is the complete kit for home growing food. It completely removes all the barriers that prevent people from growing i.e. time, space and know-how. (If there is another reason you don’t grow, let us know!)

A GROWBox is a beautifully packaged, tailored box of growing supplies geared towards a specific food-project. “GROW the TV Show” is specially selected for viewers of GROW COOK EAT to emulate what they’ve seen Michael and Karen do. It is packed full of know-how, not only is there a GIY Growing guide for each vegetable but also, the book GROW COOK EAT that inspired the TV show (have a look at that here).  It has 5 types of seeds from the show, Beetroot, Mixed Oriental greens, Tomato, Carrot, and Peas. Beautiful customised stationary, notebook, pencil and plant labels, pots and trays to grow in, compost discs and a bag of seaweed fertiliser.

We want to see you succeed and enjoy growing so we’ve taken all the stress and hard work out of it and left in all the joy! Have a look at the GROW The Show GROWBox. 

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  • Jonathon Morrissey on

    Hey guys, I just love the show. Thank you for making it. 2yrs ago (this year will be 3rd grow season), I built 4 raised beds to grow veg with my kids (current ages 5, 4 and 1.5). The GrowCookEat book was the first I bought looking for a resource that matched the Irish climate (there’s many veggie books but not necessarily any reflection on Ireland).
    This show however has made the information visual and I save the episodes on the planner and put a “keep” beside them so I’ll alwayd have them.
    However, I do wish we had a netflix style format where all are available immediately. I’m too impatient to wait each week. Please make a second series and keep it going. Mick and Karen are v encouraging and the info is priceless. Thank you guys.
    A happy viewer

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