Snow Day Discount for GIY Shop

discount snow day special offer

Novelty wearing off yet? There's only so much bread and milk you can consume before it gets old. But while the Red Alert is in place, it's really important that only people who absolutely need to be out and about are on the streets. Emergency services have enough to be doing without rescuing those of us who had to venture out because we forgot to stockpile loo roll while panic buying food yesterday. So, to cheer you up and keep things a little more entertaining we’re offering 15% off everything in the GIY online shop while the Red Alert is in effect, estimated to be 3pm on Friday March 2nd.

Bring your laptop/tablet and milkshake into your bread fort, settle down and pick out your veggie seeds and cook books, book yourself a growing, cooking or wellness class at GROW HQ, book your kids in on a Summer or Easter camp or anything else that takes your fancy.

Use the code ‘snowjoke’ at the checkout.

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