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Carrot Seeds (Autumn King)

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Carrot Seeds Sowing instructions:

No veg seems more classic than the carrot. And growing your own means you will be rewarded with a crunchy, sweet and flavoursome crop. Not only are carrots a delicious veg to grow, they also store incredibly well, are highly nutritious, and if you time your sowings right you could be self-sufficient through most of the year with this classic ‘stockpot’ vegetable.


March to August 


July to December 


  • When it comes to successfully growing carrots good soil is key.
  • Fresh manure is not very suitable for carrots – the high nitrogen content encourages excess leaf growth, and manure can also cause the roots to fork. However, well-rotted compost is fine.
  • Apply a general purpose organic fertiliser (such as chicken manure pellets) about two weeks before sowing. Avoid general fertilisers high in nitrogen.
  • Before sowing the soil should be worked to a fine tilth (small crumbs of soil), as the seed is small – compacted soil equals poor germination.
  • Carrots are best sown direct in the soil, as they do not transplant well.
  • Carrots can be sown from March through to late July.
  • For large main crop carrots, a sowing in May or early June is best.
  • Sow carrots thinly at 1cm depth, in rows 15cm apart.
  • Be patient as carrots can take up to three weeks to germinate.


  • Carrots need thinning when 2 or 3cm high – thin to between 3-6cm (depending on the size of carrots you want).
  • Carrots dislike competition from weeds, so keep the bed weed free – use a hoe along the rows and hand-weed around the carrots.
  • Once the plants get established the leaves provide a thick canopy, which will keep weeds away.
  • Keep the seed bed moist until the seedlings emerge, then water the carrots in dry periods.


  • Baby carrots will be ready about 8-12 weeks after sowing (depending on the time of year they are sown) – larger carrots obviously take a little longer.
  • Lift by hand, or ease out with a fork carefully if ground is hard.
  • Early sowings of carrots need to be harvested when mature to stop them splitting or going woody (store in the fridge).
  • Later maincrop sowings, which mature in the autumn, can be left in the ground until required – although dig up and store in boxes of sand or the fridge if they start being damaged by slugs or heavy frost is forecast.

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