GIY’s Know it Allmanac

GIY’s Know it Allmanac

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Pair with the Kid's GROWBox for the perfect family growing combo...
GIY’s Ultimate Family Guide to Growing and Cooking Food Through the Year

GIY’s Michael Kelly and Dig in Diner’s Muireann Ní Chíobháin join forces with award-winning illustrator Fatti Burke to bring you a riotous, fully-illustrated kid’s almanac guide to growing and cooking food through the year.

Narrated by GIY’s mercurial Grower-in-Chief Monty Sheddington Potts, this incredibly funny, visually ground-breaking book will fire up your child’s imagination and passion for growing and cooking food. It’s packed with veg characters, amazing monthly projects that your children can do in the garden, and seasonal recipes to bring it all to life. A perfect companion guide for parents and teachers who want to connect their children to food.

The Know-it-Allmanac is funny, colourful, tongue-in-cheek, slightly irreverent, bursting with fun characters, information, trivia and loads of food knowledge. Everywhere you look there’s more to learn, see and a fun gag. Making it really easy for any child to grow and cook it themselves, regardless of how much space they have. Kids of all ages will absolutely love it.

GIY’s Know-it-Allmanac is a month-by-month guide to growing, cooking and eating food.

  • Seasonal Stuff – Each month’s significant dates, weather, ‘get crafty’ project and garden to-do list

  • Veg Hero of the Month – Facts and Trivia about the monthly veg hero

  • Eat – veg, fruit and herbs in season in the garden and recipes for the kitchen

  • Growing – how to grow the monthly veg hero – sowing, growing and harvesting; and an introduction to some of the basics of growing

  • The Not So Great Poetry Corner – Monty’s really bad poems

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