Man Skills

Man Skills

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Manskills covers everything a man needs to know in today's world. You'll find essential tips on home repair, car repair, electronics, cleaning, personal grooming, fine dining, traveling, etiquette, outdoor skills, and the fine art of conversation. It's your comprehensive guide to impressing the masses! Author Chris Peterson returns with even more tips, tricks, and all the core knowledge the modern man is looking for. In the all-new edition of Manskills, you'll find page after page of tried-and-true information for every aspect of life.

Clear, practical advice: The heart of the book is advice and tutorials that actually work with helpful illustrations throughout.

Fun to read: This gift book is as fun as it is handy, with a writing style that is relatable and enjoyable (and just the right amount of funny).

New life for a classic book: With refreshed content, a removal of any dated references, and a fresh cover, this book is ready for a new generation of men

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