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Parsley Seeds (Grune Perle)

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Densely filled, dark green, double curled leaves on strong stalks. This hardy herb makes an attractive garnish and remains one of the most popular herbs for culinary use.

Parsley Seeds Sowing instructions:

One of the most popular herbs in the world, parsley is the classic “stock-pot” herb and a quintessential part of any herb garden. This herb can also successfully grow inside, so it is perfect for any Urban GIYer – or just someone who wants to brighten up their kitchen.


March to June 


January to December 


  • Parsley can be sown direct or sown in modules and transplanted.
  • Outdoor sowings can be made from April to June.
  • Indoor sowings can be made from from March to June.
  • If sowing direct, sow curly parsley thinly in rows 15cm apart and large-leafed parsley in 30cm rows, at 0.5cm deep.
  • If sowing in modules, sow a small pinch of seeds in each module and thin to one plant when seedlings emerge.
  • Keep in mind parsley seed is slow to germinate, so be patient – this is dependent on temperature, but usually germination takes three weeks.


  • When seedlings emerge, the plants can be thinned to 15cm apart. This is not essential but usually gives better results.
  • If you have sown direct make sure to regularly check for weeds. Weeds can often take over the bed before plant begins to germinate.
  • Plant out module-grown seedlings at the same spacing (15cm apart) when they are 7-10cm high. Transplant carefully as they hate root disturbance.
  • Parsley should be kept moist to prevent bolting. Water well in dry weather.


  • Cut leaves with scissors at 6-8cm from the soil, this ensures good re-growth.

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