The Plant Lover's Backyard Forest Garden

The Plant Lover's Backyard Forest Garden

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Grow your own beautiful multilayered food forest in your own backyard.

Pippa Chapman is an RHS trained gardener who designs, plants and maintains abundant, biodiverse, edible and beautiful forest gardens. In The Plant Lover's Backyard Forest Garden, she shares her practical tips for realistically transforming your own plot, whatever its size, and with limited time, money and resources. A forest garden doesn't have to be big; you can grow a productive edible paradise in pots and containers too.

Pippa explains how to create multiple layers on a small-scale to maximize your growing area, using polycultures and guilds for healthy, low-maintenance food. She shares how to use perennials for structure, year-round food, and incorporate flowers for beauty, wildlife and the kitchen.

Chapters on permaculture design and forest gardening give practical advice:

  • How to plan and plant your own garden, with guilds and plant profiles to give real-life
    examples to help you get started.
  • Useful tips on propagation and seed saving to help keep plant costs low.
  • A handy chapter on the soil-food web to help you understand your own soil and how to keep it healthy.

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