Kids GROWBox
Kids GROWBox
Kids GROWBox
Kids GROWBox

Kids GROWBox

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Pair with GIY's Know-It-Allmanac for the perfect family growing combo...
  • Get kids growing with our easy to grow a selection of veg and flowers.

    This medium sized GROWBox is our selection of veg and flowers that are easy to grow and that your children will love.  We’ve picked things specially for our young GIYers:

    What’s in the GROWBox?

    • Cress – super easy to grow, and you will be eating them within days
    • Pumpkin – large seeds are easier for little hands and you get to carve the pumpkins for Halloween!
    • Sunflower – who doesn’t love to grow a sunflower, one of the world’s cheeriest little plants.
    • Peas – super easy to grow and you can eat the little shoots or grow lots of lovely pea pods.

    This box contains:

    • Seed Packs x 4
      • Cress
      • Pumpkin (Jack be Little)
      • Sunflower (Giant)
      • Peas (Greenshaft)
    • 1 Pencil and notepad – always a good plan to jot down your sowing dates, progress and good intentions..
    • Plant Labels – no, you won’t remember what’s in each pot!  Always label them..
    • 8cm coir pots x 4 – for sowing some of your seeds in to
    • Compost Discs x 4 – one for each pot (they bulk out when you add water)
    • A little grow your own Guide (we’ve stuffed it with loads of stuff we’ve learned about growing)
  • Where to grow them:

    • We recommend sowing the seeds on a windowsill inside your house to start.  Put them somewhere sunny.  They will look amazing.
    • When the seedlings get a little bigger, we will be moving them in to bigger pots to grow them either inside or outside on your balcony, terrace, patio or veg patch.  
    • Remember, most veg do better in warm, sunny locations – just like humans really.
  • At a Glance



    Seeds Per Pack

    When to Sow


    Harvest in




    All year round

    1-2 days

    10-14 days


    Jack be Little


    April to June

    5-10 days

    5 months




    April to May

    15-21 days





    March to early June

    10 days approx.

    15 weeks